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  • In the News

    St, Anthony's Chapel is a historical land mark in Pittsburgh, Pa and is visited by pilgrims from around the world.  The chapel houses the largest public collection of relics in the World.  The chapel has been featured on many television shows such as 20/20, EWTN, public broadcasting, local news and hundreds of internet and national publications.
    "To know God is the purpose
    of life"

    God is acitve in the this world his  Divine Providence leads many pilgrims to the chapel who are seeking a spiritual awakening, physical healings, offering solemn thanksgiving or celebrating community prayer....more.

  • Honoring St. Nick


    Saint Anthony Chapel to offer glimpse of the "Real" Saint Nick

    • 4th Century Bishop of Myra
    • Known for leaving coins in the shoes of children
    • Two large collections of his relics reside in Bari and Venice
    • His bones in Bari are said to exude a liquid-like myrrh, which smells of rose water
    • A flask of this liquid is extracted every December 6
    • Patron saint of children
    • ....Trib featured story